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Anders Logistics Agency, LLC


Anders Logistics Agency was started in December of 2001.  We started the brokerage business to help out with the loads that we cannot get to ourselves.  Most of the time we are able to haul them, but once in a while we need a little assistance from other trucking companies when our trucks are too busy.  These loads usually originate from the Salt Lake City, UT area coming back to South Dakota or from South Dakota to various areas around the midwest. 


Contact us for your next load at 605-985-5394 or find our loads posted on Transcore DAT.



Required Paperwork


  • Carrier setup packet

  • Invoice & signed confirmation

  • Original signed BOL


Payment Plan


  • Anders Logistics Agency pays within 30 days of recieving the paperwork for each load. 

  • Quick pay is available for 3% within 10 days. 



Anders Logistics Agency, LLC

PO Box 40

Union Center, SD 57787


Phone:  605-985-5394              Fax:  605-985-5494

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